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Moody Honey is locally produced within a 150 mile radius of Anderson, Texas and is bottled by Moody Ranch Outfitters.   We bottle Natural and Raw goodness just for you and your loved ones! 

Raw Honey is a natural food that never spoils.  In commercial bottling plants honey is super heated to produce ultra-fine filtering which strips the nutrients, key enzymes, and pollen which takes away from it’s natural super food qualities.  Moody Honey does not filter or remove the key components from our honey leaving it the way our health and happy bees made it!

To buy our honey you must choose between the buy online now link which will take you to our online store or use the cash discount order form.  Prices for each choice are listed for each size.  All orders must be picked up at our offices (shipping options are coming soon.)  Orders should be generally ready within three business days.  If you have questions please feel free to call us at 936-825-2119 ext. 1.

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